Have you tried winning the jackpot on a online casino or betting site? I admit, it is damn hard to become the winner of the huge prize. But it can be done. And there are people who have learnt how to play the system in a way that increases the odds of winning. They may not guarantee you the win but these strategies tip the balance ever so slightly in your direction and ensure that, in the long run, you end up being the winner. As we shall presently see the secret of jackpot winners is all strategy, not blind luck.

Meet Richard Lustig, 7 Time Jackpot Winner!

It is said that the odds of winning the jackpot in a casino are about the same as being struck by lightning. Not so if you ask Richard Lustig. Over a period of 17 years, Lustig won the lottery and top prizes in 7 different competitions by playing strategically and optimizing his chances. Yes, this is not someone who got lucky but a man who went out to win and came out on top numerous times.

The Secret of Richard Lustig and other Multiple Jackpot Winners

Richard Lustig has spoken to many programs and journals including CNN Money and Forbes about his incredible story. He has also written a bestselling book, "Learn How to Increase Your Chances of Winning the Lottery". Indeed, Lustig is willing to share the secrets of his incredible success. Here I share with you the tricks, strategies and approaches multiple jackpot winners like Richard Lustig employ to increase their chances of winning.

1. No Such Thing as Lucky Numbers

Multiple jackpot winners recognize that there is no such thing as a set of lucky numbers for anyone. Selecting numbers based on birthdates and anniversaries does not increase your chances of winning one iota. Dates are particularly disadvantageous as they restrict you to the numbers 1-31. Moreover, because so many people use dates as well, if you win, the likelihood that you will be sharing the jackpot with someone else increases significantly. You stand a better chance of winning and winning big if you spread your picks across the entire board.

2. Avoid Automated Quick-Picks

The automated "quick-pick" method is based on a set of numbers. This means every possible number does not have the same amount of luck one would perceive. Indeed, every time you buy a quick pick you get a different set of numbers for each pick. This has the cumulative effect of reducing your chances of winning to the worst in that particular competition. This is especially the case for such lucky-draw jackpot competitions as the popular Powerball promotion

3. Trust your Instincts as you Select your Number Sets

While not trusting in a particular set of numbers with significance in your life and family is an element common in all multiple jackpot winners, they nonetheless counsel that players should learn to put trust in their instincts. Richard Lustig spends considerable space in his book explaining how to select numbers you feel confidence in as you play. However, Lustig cautions that players must learn to be circumspect as they select different numbers. Individual numbers do not win the jackpot. These numbers must be in sets and the secret to winning the jackpot is selecting the right set of numbers.

4. Be Consistent but Don't Get Carried Away

The secret of jackpot winners is all about how they manage to balance between risk and reward. Every casino game and lucky draw competition has its own rules and inanities. You need to play continually to get the hang of it and then seek to tilt the odds of winning in your favor. Even when you do not participate, follow all the draws and look out for any trends which might be of help. Once you commit to play the jackpot in a particular game, you have to set yourself up for it. Commit time and money to the game and play consistently. You may begin by winning considerable prizes but do not let any "hot streak" trend cloud your judgment. Even when playing for the jackpot, never commit to play an amount you cannot afford to lose. Always play within your set budget, no matter how lucky or unlucky you have been in the past. All multiple jackpot winners, without exception, are cautious and consistent players. The secret of multiple jackpot winners lies not in one single approach but in how they play over time. While it is true that winning the jackpot is mainly driven by luck, there are certain strategies you can employ to increase your chances. The four winning strategies provided above will not guarantee that you win the next jackpot, but they will help you increase the chance of a win significantly. It may take many months or even over a year before you hit the jackpot but following the secret of jackpot winners will eventually land you the top prize. That is wisdom you can take to the bank!