Perhaps, you’ve read about different casino lottery games and how people have become millionaires by just indulging in online lotto games. In fact, almost every lotto player dreams of becoming a jackpot winner. However, most of us believe that winning an online lottery game depends on how lucky one is. Being a jackpot winner also depends on how careful you play with your single ticket. You may have also known how to pick different winning or lucky numbers. Now it’s the time to fine-tune your game with helpful insider techniques and tips. Whether you are a first time or a regular player, here is something you need to know while playing online lotto games.

Properly choose the lotto draws to play

Most of the draws in lotto are offered on Saturdays and Wednesday evenings. They are available in both online and paper ticket sales. Based on how you want to play you can choose the Wednesday or Saturday draw or even decide to play in both. Additionally, you can also opt to choose the number of weeks to play that are convenient to you. Most winners often prefer buying tickets that allow them to play the same number for up to eight weeks at a go. This can be very convenient for you if you are a serious player.

Choose direct debit option

If you want to make your play as effortless as possible, try the direct debit option. It allows you to play continuously without stress on your part. As long as you’ve set it up, there are no worries that are often involved in the last minute rushes and queues. This is common in most authorized lotto retailers. It is also not a surprise to forget to buy your ticket just before that big draw. Using a direct debit is quite advantageous especially if you lead a very busy lifestyle. You can be sure of up-to-date ticket purchases every time you want to play.

Check for bonuses!

Weekly or even monthly bonus offers can make your game very attractive when playing online lotto games. For instance platforms such as Captain Cooks offer attractive welcome bonuses, and you need not miss them. You may get a bonus for your first deposits which can give you a blast and boost you to win. Other platforms offer 100% bonuses on second deposits for the first time players. Additionally, you can also check to see if you can be allowed to join casino VIP club or any other loyalty program. This can enable you to earn more points. Again, you may also scoop promotions and other attractive programs to boost your point-earning potential. Be sure that the more you play in some of the lottery platforms, the more points you can earn.

Pool your money with other players

This is referred to as lottery syndicate. It enables you to have more tickets and numbers translating to more chances of winning. With lottery syndicate, you can have more players to share money with. However, you’ll not complain in case you land on a hot jackpot between five players. Syndicate is the surest way you can increase your odds without necessarily spending your fortunes.

Play those with few players

Most of us fear competition. However, you have to learn how to compete. If you are a serious player that is after a win, then you may opt for games that have few players. This means you are not subjected to intense competition. Several lottery games have few players. Though they may have small jackpots, they often come with better odds.

Take the time to pick numbers

Most players do prefer picking the numbers to correspond to special dates like date of birth. It means you can have more numbers to choose right from 1-31. If you pick numbers beyond 31, then it means you are limiting the players to share a jackpot with. It also doesn’t increase your chances of winning. Remember that you just don’t have to play but play to win.


It’s true that there is no magic bullet or button to click and win. Besides, no strategy can help you predict the winning numbers, but you can know the odds of winning any online lottery game.