Sure, lotto has been with us for a long time, but that does not mean it still doesn’t work. In fact, there are always lotto games taking place in various parts of the country every week or so, and the winnings are substantial. With lotto, you get to pick a series of lucky numbers from a pool. If those numbers match the winning combinations, then you are declared a winner. Those who win can either choose lump sum payments or staggered payouts. However, the second mode of payment is only allowed if the amount of money won is substantial. We have all gotten used to buying lottery tickets from agents, but nowadays, lotto is shifting from the brick and mortar world to the online space. People are choosing not to have to walk the distance from homes, and regular lotto as we know it is becoming a relic of the past.

People now playing lotto games online

It’s convenient

Rather than going out to buy tickets, you can always just go online and register with the particular sponsor of the competition. You can do it from the comfort of your couch, and there won’t be a difference between you and the person that chose other way.

It’s safer than regular lottery

With all the cyber-security threats we face today, you would think that this statement is counterproductive but it is in fact not. When you grab a ticket from an agent, you are basically holding a piece of paper that anyone can lay claim to. You are vulnerable out there on the street, something that wouldn’t happen if you were sitting in front of your computer at home. Physical papers are also subject to misplacement, but you cannot say the same thing about a document sitting in your account on the internet. Computers also provide you with a blanket of anonymity; you don’t want your nosy neighbor to catch you buying a lottery ticket, for obvious reasons.

Few things to keep in mind when playing lottery online

Sites that charge a fee on winnings are not legitimate

If you log on to site and upon reading up on the terms and conditions, find that you are subject to a certain 'fee’ after winning, then the horn in your head needs to start blaring. Legitimate lottery companies will only charge for the purchase of your ticket and not winnings. In fact, you do not talk about any fees after registration at all, because the trusted sites do not even bring that up. The 'fee’ is a clear indicator that you are being scammed.

The right lottery site should be safe

When signing up for a competition, you need to understand that you are sharing highly sensitive private data. As such, tread carefully because such data (such as names, location and credit card details) could be used for identity theft or general bank fraud. Professional lottery sites know how to safeguard the security of their participants, which is why you will need to check whether the 'padlock ' sign is displayed prominently on the website. If it is, you are in the clear. If it is not, log out and find another lottery to register with. No amount of money is worth your privacy and identity.

Playing online lottery requires caution

You will need to take a few steps to safeguard yourself. Again, we are talking about private information here, so it needs to be handled very carefully. To make sure that no one gets the chance to mess with your credit information, always only play online lottery from a safe home computer. Never do it in open Wi-Fi zones because those can easily be compromised. Do NOT go to your local library and log on to your account on the lottery site, because that creates a trail leading all the way to your personal information.

The site needs to furnish you with their contact details

When browsing the lottery site, look out for emails, locations and phone numbers. Otherwise, how are you going to collect your winnings if you cannot contact the owners of the competition? Online lotteries are safe, easy to navigate and convenient to the player. However, there is always a need to exercise caution, all the way from the registration process to the conclusion of the competition especially as personal banking information and location are involved.